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"A San Diego woman is suing the company that owns Chuck E Cheese. Denise Keller claims many of the games intended for children are actually illegal gambling devices and can be addicting. According to court documents, Keller is asking for a jury trial and restitution of at least $5 million dollars. Woman Sues Chuck E. Cheese | Page 2 | TalkBass.com Woman Sues Chuck E. Cheese Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by gustobassman, May 13, 2011. Page 2 of 2 ... Suing the Chuck E. Cheese is breaking new ground - we've had lawsuits for lots of other companies, but not kid's combination crappy pizza / arcade houses. ... "Had Keller known that the machines were gambling devices, she would not ... Minimum age to gamble - General Discussion - Off-Topic ... Minimum age to gamble. ... Woman sues Chuck E Cheese for promoting kiddie gambling "In my own case, when it seemed to me after a long illness that death was close at hand, I found no little solace in playing constantly at dice." ... Woman sues Chuck E Cheese for promoting kiddie gambling. From the article: Quote: Mom Sues Chuck E. Cheese's, Says Kids’ Games Are Illegal ...

Chuck E. Cheese Gambling Sparks Controversy In Florida

Two of the women involved in the caught-on-video Long island Chuck E. Cheese's brawl tell their side of the story with one claiming her purse wasThe following clip shows one woman who managed to land some haymakers while holding a baby on her hip, while a kid tries to hold back another adult... Chuck E. Cheese Is Now a Guitar-Wielding Rock Star | The Mary… Chances are you have some opinions about Chuck E. Cheese. Whether you consider it a blast for kids, or a wretched hive of scum and villainy (or both), you’re probably familiar with both the resturantThis is the new face of Chuck E. Cheese. He’s come a long way from a cigar-chomping New Jersey rat. The Chuck E. Cheese Story - BORNE CENTRAL

A California woman has dismissed her lawsuit against Irving, Texas-based Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza restaurants in which she claimed the family entertainment centers promoted gambling to children.

Jul 10, 2011 · Spread the loveMost Ridiculous Lawsuit from June Announced by Tim Gilmore By Faces of Lawsuit Abuse A California mother who sued Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants alleging that their kids games are an illegal form of gambling has taken first place in the Faces of Lawsuit Abuse June poll looking for the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month. There is a brand new slate of nominees up for … Woman sues Chuck E Cheese for running an illegal gambling May 13, 2011 · Sue Chuck E Cheese for having gambling machines. Sue Chuck E Cheese for having the worst pizza on the planet including anything that could be bought from vending machine. For some reason she went with the former even though the latter you … Woman Sues Chuck E. Cheese For Promoting Gambling In Kids May 17, 2011 · A San Diego woman is suing Chuck E. Cheese for its ticket-dispensing arcade games – or illegal gambling machines, as she calls them.That's right: …

Lawyers for a California woman who alleges that Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza restaurants are operating illegal gambling games have refiled her lawsuit against the Irving-based company in a California ...

May 12, 2011 · Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LDoren Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LeeDoren1 Website: http://www.LeeDoren.com Read the Complaint (PDF): http://goo.gl/O... Minimum age to gamble - General Discussion - Off-Topic Feb 08, 2012 · Such arcade games would absolutely be illegal in a Nevada casino floor, for at least two reasons: the skill element, and the optimal house edge. Conversely, a game like roulette would be illegal in Chuck E Cheese. Regulations vary from state to state. See also: Woman sues Chuck E Cheese for promoting kiddie gambling The 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2011 | Frivolous Dec 31, 2011 · Mother sues Chuck E. Cheese – says games encourage gambling in children Links to the full news stories from which these were drawn and the complete results of … Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of 2011 Announced! – Faces Of