Do you think gambling is good or bad

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Gambling addiction: Symptoms, triggers, and treatment

25+ Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games. In: ... Are video games good or bad for you? ... Playing video games is safer than having your teens do drugs, ... Do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing for gaming ... My perspective on this is while it can sometimes suck for one great game to be limited to only one console, along with bringing the worst out of stupid... Prudence Jones: Why gambling is good for you | World news ... Why gambling is good for you ... "Do not put all your goods aboard ship for ... and so trust their money to their own good judgment. Gambling can thus train and ... Do you think video games are good or bad for you? | Yahoo ... Best Answer: Depends. If done in moderation, gaming is like any other past time. So, good in the sense that it enables you to unwind and have fun. But, if ...

Is legalized sports gambling good or bad for baseball? New, 22 comments. Could MLB be changing its stance on gambling? You bet. ... What do you think? Does gambling still pose a threat to baseball ...

Gambling Good for your Brain - HealthStatus Some casinos games are good for your brain. A game of skill will exercise the brain and help keep the mind working, most games of luck will have the opposite effect, you do not start becoming senile faster because of the game you play, but a game that requires skill to be good at the game will slow the process and keep you feeling young well into your golden years.

Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why

Do you think gambling is good or bad? - Quora But what if it is gambling , how do you reap positives from an activity that for the most part has one purpose. That purpose is to take your money, make no doubt about it those who offer opportunities for others to gamble are looking to make money off of those who play. Here is my advice, if you want gambling to be good for your life .

Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why

And gambling ruins lives and families. Since it caters to a part of the brain that triggers compulsive behavior, gamblingSharp poker players are the same way. You may think you can outsmart the car salesman or the cardIt would be better not to have gambling losses at all, than to have a deduction. Why is gambling not a good thing to do To gamble, a gambler usually wages money or something material values on an event withThe reason people think guns are bad is because they listen to the media hype rather than verifyingIs laser a good thing or bad thing? Both! lasers can be used for medicine, eye surgery, treating cancer... Prudence Jones: Why gambling is good for you | Theā€¦