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Mobile Poker » Blog Archive » Red Kings Mobile Poker Given what a great fit this style of game is with mobile or tabet poker this is a shame. Donk Betting - Tournament Poker - CardsChat Greetings everyone, I have a question that’s puzzled me it ever OK to “donk bet” on the flop? Any situation where it’s a good

"Fit or fold" is a type of play which has few bluffs. It consists of either raises (when one has a hand) or folds (when one doesn't). This type of play is quite susceptible to cbets because it is quite an easy play to read.

Biggest [Losing] Month of PokerFIT or FOLD This month (September) ended up being by far my worst month of poker ever. It’s a little discouraging especially after having such a great August and naturally having high hopes for September.My “Fold BB to steal” was 24% so I defended by BB over 3/4 of the time (I think that’s about standard for me). Aggression and creativity to avoid the "fit or fold" …

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Fold Equity: The Art Of Forcing Your Opponent To Lay Down Their… In poker, you can win in one of two ways: The first is to have the best hand at showdown.Knowledge of fold equity allows strong players to win more than their fair share of pots and hence win more money and more tournaments. Fold Equity Definition. Adding to Your Arsenal: Moving Beyond 'Fit or Fold' |… When "fit or fold" isn't enough: Recognize the value in expanding your repertoire of postflop plays.There are many more examples of moving beyond "fit or fold" poker. The underlining principle is to expand the hands you're willing to play by recognizing the value in extra aggression in the right spot. Fit or Fold Players Postflop - Beginning Poker Questions -… my pants don't "fit" because I spend too much time online playing poker and don't eat enough, hows that?Trying to think what adjustments best exploit a fit or fold player as opposed to say a calling station. fit_or_fold : Все : 2019 - Профили игроков | …

When faced with a re-raise, players have the options to call, fold or re-raise again. Folding. Folding is the act of ending participation in a hand. No more bets are required to go into the pot by someone once they fold. Players can fold when it is their turn to act and they do not wish to continue. Most poker players do lots of folding preflop.

One of the prime skills of good poker players is the ability to change gears. If you can adjust to each type of game you'll be successful. Here's how. Easy Game Volume I by Andrew Balugawhale Seidman | Betting In