The best time to late register for online poker tourney

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Say you're playing a $60 NLHE tournament that features 15-minute levels in which you start with 6,000 chips, and that late registration lasts for an hour, meaning you can join the tournament as late as the start of Level 5. Blinds for Level 1 are 25/50, meaning you have 120 big blinds in your stack if you're there for the first hands.

When you should register Late. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should never register late for a tournament. After all, the point of late registration poker tournaments is to help out those who can’t get into a tourney on time. So if there’s an late reg for mtts - Global Poker -- Two Plus Two Poker Forums If Global wants to have late reg, what if it is only done on the non-rebuy tourneys and stacks for the late reg start the tourney. Then are blinded and anted until the tourney late reg time ends. If you want to come late to the tourney, sounds good to me, here is Online Poker Tournaments - The Biggest Poker Tournaments Qualify for PokerStars biggest live and online poker tournaments and events, including the European Poker Tour (EPT) and many more. Click here to find out more. Poker column: Late entry is best bet to winning – The Mercury ... Poker column: Late entry is best bet to winning Do you think it’s better to start on time or register late? If I enter a $100 tourney, with no late-registration option, against 99 clones

3. Good Tournament Poker is Aggressive Tournament Poker. No matter the stage of the tournament aggressive play is almost always the better play. You don’t limp, you raise; You don’t call, you re-raise; You don’t check the flop, you bet The one doing the betting is the one wearing the pants and the one with the best chance to make a deep run.

Late registration - Poker tournaments - Poker en ligne ... A qualification tournament cannot end while late registration is still in progress. It may be that the number of players remaining is less than or equal to the number of payouts. It is even possible that a player may be alone, waiting for opponents during the late registration period. However, no prize will be awarded during this time.

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